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Shipping, Handling, Ordering, Payments & Exchanges:

Prices Of Parts Do Not Include Shipping!

We take pride in being fair to our customers regarding shipping charges!



Once you place your order, we will bill you for exact shipping charges based on your location, weight of items ordered, and package size. We do this extra step to save our customers shipping overcharges.


Method of shipping: USPS Priority/ USPS Flat Rate when applicable.


Upon receipt of payment for your order and our shipping invoice, we will promptly ship your goods.


Optional Ordering: You also may place your order over the phone. If you do this, and want to pay with a Credit Card, we can send you an invoice with the shipping included through Paypal using your e-mail address. You will only need to go in once and pay the invoice. The choice is yours. We do not take our customer's personal Credit Card information. This is why we use Paypal. Paypal is secure and your personal information remains confidential with them.


Payment by Check:


Payments can be made with personal or business checks or Money Orders made out to B&B Custom Circuits. Please remember, when paying with a personal check NO products will be shipped till the check clears the bank! No acceptions! Once your personal check has cleared, we will ship your order. Also keep in mind, depending on the bank, this process may take a few days including the day we receive your check! This applies to business checks as well unless we have you set up as an account. If you need a part or component in a hurry to get your Tractor back into service quickly, we advise that it is always better to pay via Credit Card. This way your order will go right out quickly once paid in full. Payments are made through Paypal. If the order is placed early in the day, it usually will go out the same day. If its placed later in the afternoon, it will go out the following work day.


Payment by Credit Card:


As explained above, you can pay for your order with your Charge Card through Paypal. You DO NOT have to be a member of Paypal in order to pay for your order. Just go in as a "Guest" and Paypal will walk you through the process so you can make your payment. We do this so it is secure for our customer's and we do not have to deal with our customer's personal Credit Card information. There's to much Credit Card fraud out there so we keep you safe!


Our Exchange Program:


Products that are rebuilt by us and on our shelves for exchange, require your exchange core. ALL components being sent in for exchange need to be in good condition in order for us to be able to rebuild the part! Parts that are NOT in good condition for rebuilding, may be rejected as not being a good rebuildable core. If your core is not rebuildable, you will not get the exchange price and you will be notified before we ship. If the unit you're sending in is acceptable for exchange, we will immediately send our rebuilt out after the product has been paid in full and shipping costs covered.


If paying with a Credit Card through Paypal for an exchange part and you are not able to send your core into us due to not being able to take the Tractor out of service, the core charge of that particular part will be added to your shipping invoice. Once your core is returned to us, and is inspected to be a good rebuildable core, we will credit your Credit Card account. Distributor cores in particular do not need to have the Distributor Cap, Wires, or Rotor attached. We just need from the dust cover down. Thank you!

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