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B&B Custom Circuits


Generator Rebuilding


Distributor Rebuilding


* Custom Rebuilding Services *

* Delco Remy Starter Motors

* Delco Remy Generators & Alternators

* Fairbanks/Morse Magneto's

* Delco Remy Distributors & Governor Drives

* Zenith & Marvel Schebler Carburetor's

* OEM Wiring Harness Repairs & Restorations

* OEM Lighting Restorations

* Delco 3 Position Headlight/Charging Switches

*6 Volt to 12 Volt Generator Upgrades*

At B&B Custom Circuits, our customer's are turning more and more to converting their 6V electrical systems on their Tractors to 12V electrical systems, but wanting to keep the OEM look of their Tractors. How do we do that? Well, here at B&B the impossible isn't so impossible. Taking a 6V Generator chassis and changing the internals to 12V may be a little bit of a task, but it can be done. By using the original 6V Generator chassis and changing the internals over to 12V, we can make your Tractor operate on 12V's while looking like original equipment. Why go through that? The 6V Generator will bolt right back up to its OEM bracket for one, and with a few small upgrades, can take that Tractor out of the 1930's and stick in the 1980's which will make it more reliable and being able to add more lighting and accessories to aid you in your quest to do what you like to do best with your Tractor. And that's farm! Call us about a 6V to 12V Generator conversion. Might be right up your alley!

Magneto to Distributor Conversion Kits!

For those who are tired and aggravated of messing around with their old Magneto, here's a neat kit that will upgrade your Tractor, and even give you the reliability of having Electronic Ignition to! Our Mag to Distributor conversion will make your Tractor super reliable while not skippin' a beat as you motor in the field doing field work, or in a parade just havin' fun! Here's what makes up our kit:

* Rebuilt Distributor top to bottom

* Rebuilt Drive Assy- bolts directly to the Govenor

* Choice of 6V or 12V Ignition Coil for system use

* Key switch & wiring along with clamps & hardware

* New Spark Plugs & our Spark Plug wire set

* Optional Electronic Ignition conversion available

Complete Mag to Distributor Conversion w/points- $495. + $25.00 Shipping (most model Tractors) Complete Mag to Distributor Conversion w/E.I.- $650. + $25.00 Shipping (most model Tractors)


No charge for installing the Electronic Ignition. All Distributors are set up on our Sun 504 machine.

Custom Carburetor Rebuilding

Stock or Modified for Pullers!


Here at B&B, Carburetor rebuilding has been an on going service to our customer's for over 48 years. Whether its a dual fuel Zenith for an early 30's Allis-Chalmers WC Tractor as shown in the pic, at left or a pair of Stromberg 97's (below) for a modern day Hotrod, at B&B we can service & rebuild quite a few different makes of Carburetors. And whether pulling a plow, or pulling a sled in competition, we can modify and enhance the performance of most Tractor Carburetors to make those Tractor engines talk! We carry many, many Carburetor rebuilding kits in stock for many of our Tractor customer's. We also stock many parts new and used particularly for the Zenith and the Marvel Schebler Tractor Carburetors still in service today! Jets, floats, nozzles, kits, you name it, at B&B we try to have it in stock to ship to you! If we don't have a particular part, we try to find it for you. Just part of the service we offer here at B&B Custom Circuits. If you need information on a particular Carburetor we'll try to help out. Keep it in mind, we're just a phone call away. If we don't get it on the first ring, leave a message. We'll get back to you as soon as we can to answer any questions that you may have about your carb.

From stock to modified, B&B Custom Circuits has you covered! We Stock Carb kits for these mfr's:


Rochester, Holley, Carter, Edelbrock, Motorcraft, Ford, IHC, Stromberg, Zenith & Marvel Schebler.


We have some popular rebuilt Zenith & Marvel Schebler Carburetors on the shelf for exchange so your Tractor isn't out of service for to long a time. Give us a call or e-mail us for your needs!

Wiring Systems for Other Makes of Tractors Too!


Here at B&B, we don't only do Allis-Chalmers wiring systems, but we'll also do other makes of Tractor wiring systems to! At left is our wiring system for the FarmAll Model H. We also have a wiring system for the FarmAll Cub owners to!


If your Tractor is in need of a new wiring system, as rag-tag as the wiring may be, providing the system is in one piece and not cobbled up, we can build you a brand new system using your original as a Pattern. We will also match the color coding of your OEM harness so you can go by your service manual to install it, and even update some of the circuitry to the next heavier gauge wire to handle loads better. Most Tractor wiring systems were borderline to say the least. Upgrading the circuitry is a definate plus! We do ask that if you do decide to send us your wiring system, please tag or tape the ends with its destination written on the tag or tape. This helps us to decide whether or not to upgrade certain circuitry for better and safer operation of your Tractor. Give us a call today about planning a new wiring system for your Tractor!

Custom Built Fuse Panels & Power Centers For Custom Applications


Here at B&B, if a special fuse panel is needed, we can make it! All of our fuse panels and power control centers are custom built for all different applications. Streetrods, Muscle Cars, Trucks, Special Interest, Custom's, or Agricultural equipment, anything that needs power distributed, we can make it! If you have a special project that you're working on that will eventually need an electrical panel of some sort, give us a call!


Left- This fuse panel and Battery Control Center was designed for Batmobile #6. You can read about this project in our "Current Projects at B&B" section. It was a lot of fun and very flattering to say the least for me to design this panel for a vehicle and completely wire a car that I used to watch on TV as a kid! Ya just never know in life what will come down the road...

 *Just A Few Of The Parts & Services We Offer At B&B Custom Circuits *




Here at B&B, we carry quite a few different models and makes of Alternators for all kinds of applicaitons, as well as our special designed kits for certain model Tractors. From Delco's to Denso's, we have what you need. Give us a call or drop us an e-mail to let us know what your looking for.


Alternators on the wire bench getting our Quick Disconnect Diode modules for our 12V conversion kits for AC Tractors as well as Streetrod, Muscle Car and special interest applications that we build systems for.

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