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This wire set is designed for the 616-720 large frame Tractors running the Onan 19.5HP engine. In the summer months, it can get pretty dang hot under the hoods of these Tractors. You could have breakfast on the sheetmetal they get so hot. Our high heat Silicone wire set is the ticket for this kinda punishment. High heat wires along with high heat Silicone boots makes these wires a pretty tough pair for dealing with that underhood heat.  The copper solid core wire is tinned for corrosion resistance. Our Yellow Silicone high heat "Tiger Tails" wire set is the ticket. Don't cuss! Go with us! B&B!!

exk. 1703-32 B&B Hy Heat 7mm Silicone Solid Core Wire Set For 616-720 Tractors w

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