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Since the original Indak ignition switch has been discontinued for the past couple years, we decided to come out with a real heavy duty ignition switch, a switch that can handle the load requirements that these Tractors need. Enter B&B's new high amp igniton switch! This switch puts the OEM crappy GT switch to shame, but there is a catch. Some of the 620-720 Tractors had a half moon cut in the steering column support bracket. (see picture) Some didn't. We're not sure when this came about in production, but if your Tractor has this half moon cut in the steering column support bracket, our HD switch with pigtail will fit right in. If you don't have the half moon cut in your steering column bracket, you will have to put a cut in the bracket for our switch to clear. The other little alteration that needs to be done is enlarge the mounting hole for the key switch a bit. Being this is a real HD key switch, the mounting is larger. Our HD ignition switch has a pigtail on it with the 5 way male plug that will plug right into a OEM female igniton switch plug. (see pic) Our HD switch also has one ACC circuit and one IGN circuit if needed for any other accessory such as adding extra lighting or electric fuel pump etc. somthing the junky OEM switch didn't have. (Always fuse these two circuits) Another cool accessory from B&B Custom Circuits made right in our shop!!  More than likely, the last ignition switch you'll need for your 620/720 Tractor!

1703-13 B&B HD High Amp Ignition Switch For 620-720 GT's. w/Plug-In Pigtail

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