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Here is our upgrade Battery cable kit for the 616-720 Tractors. We increased the cables from the OEM 8 gauge size to a heavier 4 gauge to carry more current to the Starter motor which usually gets pretty hot being at the bottom of the engine in that hot engine compartment. We put a 45 degree eyelet on the Starter cable so it's easier to install on the Starter motor stud. Also, we added a 2 foot length of 14 gauge Yellow Battery feed circuit that you can cut to the length you need and install the new connector and shrink tube for the Circuit Breaker.  The Ground cable anchors in the normal place on the Tractor.  Both Battery cables are crimped, soldered and shrink tube protected. Cables come with new side terminal hardware and terminal caps to protect the side terminals from corrosion just like OEM.  Neat!  

1703-12 Battery Cable Kit / Side Terminal Battery 616-720 GT's

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