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Whether mowing along side of a busy road, or plowing snow in the Wintertime, it's always a good idea to make sure you are seen when doing work in busy areas. This is why we came out with this pretty slick Warning Lamp kit which mounts the two lamps to the rear fenders. The "Lolipop" lamps can be seen quite a ways back warning drivers that you're along side the road mowing or plowing. Our lamps are Red on one side and Amber on the other. A Red knob with built-in flasher mounts in the dash and flashes when the knob is pulled out to put on the flashers. Used with a safety triangle out back, puts you and your Tractor in a better safe zone!  At B&B, it's SAFETY FIRST!

1703-11 Rear Fender Warning Lamp Kit 616-720 GT's

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