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Here is a wiring system that puts the OEM system to shame! This is our complete replacement wiring system for the AC 620/720 Garden Tractors, along with the Simplicity line of equivilent Tractors. Models 4041, & Power Max 9020.  This system is completely upgraded from the OEM system in wire size and load requirements. A lot of upgraded circuitry to handle load much better as well as adding our cotton woven tar/fiberloom to protect the Polyethelene crosslinked Marine wire we use for all of our Tractor wiring systems from the heat and chaffing in the engine compartment. Anyone who owns one of these machines know how hot they run. The heavier circuitry, new soldered terminals and connectors throughout the whole system makes this system pretty bullet proof! Our special 5 way plug just like OEM plugs right on to the back of the OEM switch. The last wiring system you'll need for your big frame Tractor! Color coded the same as OEM. Headlight circuitry included with the kit as well as new circuitry for the inside of the Headlights. Its a "get what you pay for" thing.

Also, don't forget our new heavy duty ignition switch to replace the junky discontinued  OEM ignition switch. Bullet proof isn't the word with that connected into our wiring system!! Our new HD switch P/N- 1703-13. We also give you two extra circuits with this switch. An ignition circuit and accessory circuit to add additional accessories!

1703-00 "A" Complete Wiring System For Models: 620, & 720 Garden Tractors

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