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Like everything else that's special to the Model G so is the Carburetor as well. Our Carburetor kit for the TSV-13 Marvel/Shebler Carb has all the parts needed to do a pro rebuild on your Carb. We also have some good used parts for the TSV carb it case you need anything else. Email or call.

dfg.1601-06B Carburetor Rebuilding Kit- Marvel/Schebler TSV-13 Carburetor Model

  • Our Carburetor kits do not come with new throttle or choke shafts. If you're rebuilding your Carburetor and have a very loose throttle shaft, it's not the throttle shaft that wears out, it's the throttle bore. The bore will probably need to be bushed or sleeved to repair the looseness. A new throttle shaft doesn't help!

    Always check the floor of the fuel bowl on the TSV Carburetors. If water has been in the bottom of the float bowl for quite some time, the water will rot the Aluminum floor in the Carburetor. In some cases, we have repaired and saved a Carb by pouring epoxy and making a new floor in the bottom of the float bowl. 

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