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Our small bore Marvel/Schebler Carburetor kits are complete with everything needed to do a pro rebuild of your Carburetor.  We need the ID tag number off the Carburetor in order to fix you up with the correct kit.  On small bore M/S Carbs the tag is riveted to the side of the float bowl. The tag is about the size of a dime and will say: "TSX-xxx and three digits. ie- TSX-154, TSX-670 etc. After you get your ID number, we can then fix you up with what you need.


dfd.1601-03B Carburetor Rebuilding Kit- Small Bore Marvel/Schebler Carbs (Need P

  • Our Carb kits do not come with new throttle and choke shafts. If your Carburetor has a loose throttle shaft, its not the throttle shaft that's worn its the throttle bore which needs to be bushed or sleeved. A new throttle shaft will not help! We do have some throttle shafts available seperately if needed.

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