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Our large bore Carb kits for the Zeniths are a complete kit and give you all that's needed for a professional rebuild. We need the part number off the Carburetor in order to fix you up with the correct rebuilding kit. Zenith Carburetors have a tag riveted to the fuel bowl with two numbers stamped in them. The outside number is the AC number. The inside number closest to the rivet, is the Zenith number. Either number will work for a kit.

Our kits do not give you throttle or choke shafts. If your Carburetor has a loose throttle shaft, it's not because of the shaft that's worn , it's the throttle bore in which the bore would need to have a bushing or sleeve installed.  We do offer some throttle shafts in case yours has been damaged, brazed, or worn out.  They are available seperately.

dfc.1601-02B Carburetor Rebuilding Kit- Large Bore Zenith Carbs

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