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The most popular fuel line kit that we make has got to be for the B,C, & CA Tractors!  This steel line replaces the old style tube type copper line which over time fractured and leaked. Also, the lines would leak at the Carburetor or sediment bowl.  Well, you can kiss those problems goodbye with our steel inverted flare design fuel line that we build right in our shop! 1/8' NPT straight pipe thread adapter comes with the kit for the sediment bowl side, and a 90 degree 1/8" pipe to inverted flare elbow replaces the old tube style elbow. Steel line, inverted flare ends, inverted flare fittings, how can ya go wrong??  No leaks ever again.  One piece line.

1601-01A Steel Fuel Line Kit- Models: B,C,CA Bowl to Carburetor

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