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Here is another new reproduction part from us at B&B for 2024! When servicing your Thermostat, housing, and renewing the gaskets, in your Model B, IB,C, or CA Tractor, this lower plate is usually in pretty rough shape and has seen better days. With coolant constantly on it and moving over it in the thermostat area, corrosion and rust set in and before you know it, it's peppered through due to 60+ years of service. These leaky plates are also noted for making owners think the Water Pump is the problem when Antifreeze creeps down the front of the engine block, and running off the Water Pump. Replace your lower Thermo housing plate on your B,IB,C or CA when doing a resto or just servicing the cooling system. For All 125 BE & CE engines. This is a brand new part from us at B&B! Duplicate of the original. New plate on the left in the pic next to the old rusted plate on the right.

1600-09 New Replacement Thermostat Lower Plate Models: B,IB,C,CA

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