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Doing a resto on your B,IB,C,CA or RC?  Always inspect the lower coolant pipe that connects the Water Pump to the Radiator before ordering new hoses. These lower coolant pipes look okay till you remove the lower Rad hoses and Yikes!  Where is the rest of the pipe? What's left of the pipe is usually in the hose. Have no fear, B&B is here with our new replacement lower coolant elbow. We have you covered when it comes to a new lower coolant pipe. And, it comes with  a new petcock as well to drain the coolant if needed. So, if you're ready to order new hoses, check the coolant pipe first! Our Coolant Hose Kit is P/N 1600-02.

1600-01 New Lower Radiator Steel Coolant Elbow w/petcock Models: B,IB,C,&CA

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