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Contemplating on changing your Tractor over to 12 volt and getting away from the 6 volt system? If you do that, then you're going to want to have your Starter motor changed over to 12V as well. Leaving a 6 volt Starter in and running 12 volts through the 6V field coils will make the Starter violent. This in turn leads to bent or broken drives, cracked nose cones, or even prematurely worn ring gears on the flywheel.  People say the Starter will handle the 12 volts (which is true) but its the operating components that work with it that won't and wind up costing you more than getting us to convert your Starter over. On top of that, who wants to split the Tractor if you don't have too? Yeah, makes ya think. What the Hell do I want to do that for? We offer the solution to converting your Starter motor over to 12 volts so a nice smooth transition occurs when the key is turned.  We can keep the mechanical switch if you still want to use the push/pull rod. (not advised) or we can do it the correct way with a Starter solenoid.  Whichever way you go, as long as it's 12 volts, its the way to fly!  Price shown is for the B,IB,C, & CA, Tractors as well as the W series Tractor Starters. (Gasoline only)  which includes the Starter solenoid. We rebuild and convert all Tractor Starter motors. Price varies on type of Starter motor and it's application.

1517-12 6V to 12V Converted Starter Motors For W Series, B,C,CA & RC Tracto

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