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Building a pulling Tractor with a high compression engine? Problem solved!!  Here is the remedy. Our new OSGR (offset gear reduction) starter motor for the 201 & 226 engines. Build those pullin' engines as big as you want. Our gear reduction hi torque Starter motor will spin the toughest pullin' engines. No more pull starting to get the engine to turn over. Here's your ticket! Our Starter motor isn't cheap, but neither is that big lung 226 with the trash can lids in it for pistons! For the serious puller that is tired of pull starting his Tractor. Our OSGR spins the biggest of pullin' engines! B&B Custom Circuits!

1517-11 NEW! 12V OSGR Hy-Torque Starter Motor For WD & WD45 Pulling Tractor

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