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Well, we finally did it! We now offer a 12V OSGR (offset Gear Reduction) Starter motor for our Model G customer's that want to flip to a 12V system and had the old 6V Delco Starter motor as the problem child in the changeover! This is the same Starter motor we offer in our complete Model G 12V conversion kit that we offer. Kit#1503-02B. Changing your little G over the 12 is no longer a problem! Especially in the Starter department! Because there were no 12V internal parts offered for the small chassis Delco, running 12 volts through 6V field coils became a real problem for G owners. Bent drives, and premature ring gear wear on the flywheel were major problems. Our new Starter motor eliminates those problems completely! Our CNC machined adjustable nose cone allows our Starter motor to fit a lot of different applications when the N62 Continental engine is used in the AG or Industrial field. A nice smooth transisition to the flywheel spins the Continental engine over effortlessly!  For the Model G, we set the adjustment already so its a "drop in" in a G model. Add a  key crank ignition switch or push button and a couple wires is all you need to Start your Model G!  Eliminates the old pull rod that you couldn't reach behind you as well. Yee Ha! B&B Custom Circuits components! Don't guess. Get the best!


Building a pulling Tractor? Check out the new OSGR Starter motors we designed for the B,IB,C,&CA Tractors as well as for the WD/WD45 engines. No more high compression blues with our Starter motors!!! Start that pullin' engine without a problem!

1517-10 NEW! 12 Volt (OSGR) Gear Reduction Starter Motor For Model G Tractors

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