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The Delco 1107474 Starter motor covered the D10, D12, & D14 6V Tractors equipped with either the 138 or the 149 gas engine. A popular Starter motor and not sitting on the shelf much. In most cases we can rebuild your supplied Starter motor. Comes with new Starter Solenoid as well for a complete package and ready to install!

1517-05 Custom Built Delco Remy 6V P/N 1107474 Models: D10,12 & D14 Gas Trac

  • The series I D10 & D12 Tractors came with the 138 cubic inch engine up to serial number 3501 for the D10. After this serial number, the engine grew to 149 cubic inches for both model Tractors. Later, both Tractors were changed over to 12V Positive Ground.

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