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Converting your "W" series Tractor over to 12 volt with an Alternator? Then here's the kit you want to mount your Alternator! Our lower frame rail mounting bracket is designed to be used in the same holes the OEM Generator bracket utilized. Yeah, no drillin'!  Our lower bracket lines up nicely with the frame rail holes. We give you new 3/8" hardware to go in the 7/16" holes in the frame rail. Why the wrong bolts? Ahh, this allows our bracket to be piveted ever so slightly if needed to get that perfect alignment with the other pulleys. It's already slotted for forward and aft positioning so you can dial that Alternator perfectly with the other pulleys! Our new top adjusting bracket works with our lower bracket for a super nice install! All new attaching hardware,  & installation instructions come with our kit. Because the lower bracket rests on the front grille shell sheetmetal, we even give you a little shim to go under the rear frame rail bracket to level the bracket out back. Once locked down, the bracket is solid and will not move anywhere. Another slick Alternator bracket kit from B&B! All the engineering and work is performed. You just need to install it. Don't guess. Go with the best! B&B Custom Circuits Products!!

1515-04 Alternator Frame Rail Mtg. Brkt Kit- "W" Series Tractors

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