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Talk about COOL! Here's a little somethin' we came up with when our customer's were moving to upgrading their 6V or 12V system still using a Generator on the B,IB,C&CA model Tractors, and not wanting the VR mounted on the Generator. Hmmmm.......  so where to put the VR so it's not seen. How bout the toolbox! And that's what we did! Whether 6V or 12V system we can build  the VR kit for your toolbox.  If ordered with one of our 12V wiring systems, we can build the wiring system so it plugs right into the VR kit while its hiding in the toolbox!  Genius!                                                                                                                    

cnh. 1514A-14 Toolbox Voltage Reg. Panel Kit For Models B,IB,C & CA Tractors

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