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For those looking for a pint size Alternator because of room issues, our Denso Alternator shown with our CNC machined 5/8" wide belt pulley, and quick disconnect module is the ticket! This 3 wire unit works great on board any Tractor.  Brand new unit ready to go. 35-40 amp rated. The same unit that comes in our 12V conversion kits for the C,CA & Model G Tractors where a large "SI" series Delco Alternator will not fit. Use one of our Alternator Bracket kits to mount the Denso to your particular model Tractor. We have Alternator bracket kits for Models B,IB,C,CA,RC, D10-15, and all "W" series Tractors as well. These bracket kits are located in our 1515 Alternator/Generator Mounting category.

cng. 1514A-13 Denso "Pint Size" Alternator 35 Amp w/CNC Machined 5/8" Wide Belt

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