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This pint size Alternator works great on the C & CA model Tractors for steering clearance, and also is the ticket for the Model G! We use these units in those two 12V conversion kits we offer and they work great! This Denso Alternator comes with our 3 wire module plugged into the rear of the unit with quick disconnect for easy removal of the unit. Should work be performed up front on the Tractor such as changing out a Water pump. Unplug it, remove it from the brackets and bring it to the bench in one piece. Make life easy. No parts to remove off the Alternator to get lost. 


Denso unit shown here with our CNC machined 5/8" wide belt pulley and 3 wire module system. For unit complete with three wire module & CNC pulley see our 1514A-13 unit.

cnf. 1514A-12 New Denso "Pint Size" Alternator 35 Amp

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