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Want to move to 12 volt but don't like the look of an Alternator? No problem! At B&B, we can take your 6V Gennie, gut it, and fill it with all new 12V components! The same Generator, but now 12 volts instead of 6. When switching to 12 volts, we then move you over to a Voltage Regulator. Whether piggy backed on the Generator, (pictured) or mounted on the Tractor somewhere, this is a nice upgrade for your Tractor!  For the B,IB,C & CA model Tractors, we offer a Voltage Regulator kit which mounts in the toolbox so it's hid from view and out of the elements of Mother Nature so she can't mess with it. Check out kit 1514A-14 for the Toolbox VR Kit!

cmb.1514-02 B&B 6 Volt Generator converted to 12 Volt Keep the OEM Look!- Exchan

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