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Whever you are servicing your Headlights whether 6V or 12V, one of the biggest improvements you can make is renew the reflectors. We always hear our customers talking about the Headlights not being bright enough, especially on the 6V systems. If the reflector is shot, it's not going to reflect light people! You'll be a bit surprised how much better you can see with a new reflector in place whether 6V or 12V. Big difference! Add a new reflector and a pair of 6V LED Headlight bulbs, and then tell me if you still can't see.  We have LED 6V & 12V bulbs in stock if interested.  The 12V is even better with these two upgrades!  Who needs a complete aftermarket LED' Headlight. Update the old buggers and see good again!

chm.1513B-13 New Reproduction Headlight Reflector for 5" Headlight (1513A-01 abo

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