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One of the most expensive Distributors to rebuild is the Delco 1112615 Tach drive Distributor found in the D19 equipped with the 262 cube 6 cylinder engine. Because the tach drive gear is part of the mainshaft, these gears always tend to wipe out after many, many years of service. When the mainshaft gear wears out, it also takes the drive gear with it as well, so just replacing the drive gear is a waste of time and money!  We have our machinest widdle a new mainshaft, and we supply a new mated gear to go with it.  The rest of the unit gets a new Oilite mainshaft bushing and filled with SMP Blue Streak tune up parts and set up on our 504 Sun machine before we cut it loose out the door to you.  Exchange or we rebuild your unit.

byi. 1511-09 Distributor Assembly, Delco 1112615 Tach Drive unit for 6 Cylinder

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