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For those who are running a 12V Positive Ground system yet on their Tractor, here's an electronic ignition kit that takes the place of the points and condenser! Remove the points and condenser and in 15 minutes be running on a Pertronix E.I. from B&B!  Works with OEM Coil. Optional "Blaster" Coil is offered but not neccessary. Faster starts, smoother running engine, along with a fixed dwell. No points rub block to wear out!  No Condenser to fail. Most excellent!


B&B TECH TIP:  If you plan on changing over to an E.I., always remember to use Carbon Core resistor wires only! Solid core spark plug wires can spike and blow out the electronic module. Plug wire sets for different model Tractors available from us in our 1505 Category for your model Tractor.

1510-02B Electronic Ignition Upgrade Conversion Kit For Tractors w/12V PG System

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