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One of our other fast moving electronic ignition kits is the Pertronix 6 volt Positive Ground electronic ignition kit! Made specifically for the 6V PG system and works with stock OEM 6V Coils. Get rid of the points & condenser and go E.I. with B&B! Faster starts with the 6V system means less wear n' tear on the Starter motor and Battery. Smoother running engine and performance as well!


B&B TECH TIP:  Before installing a Pertronix E.I. kit, always make sure the spark plug wires you are using are Carbon Core and not Solid core. Pertronix recommends using Carbon Core spark plug wires. Solid core plug wires can spike the electronic module and blow the module out.  We build spark plug wire sets right in our shop for all model AC Tractors. Refer to the 1505 Category on the website for you model Tractor.

1510-01A Electronic Ignition Upgrade Conversion Kit for Tractors w/ 6V PG System

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