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Rear harness only for the 170/175 Tractors. Our new rear replacment harness plugs right into our new front harness. If plugging this harness into the original front harness, we supply our new 56 series Delphi plugs and terminals to install on the OEM front harness to mate to our new rear harness plugs. Eliminates flickering lights and bad connections. Our 56 series flat terminals and connectors eliminate the old style Molex pin type connectors that corrode and let Mother Nature play havoc with. Far superior connections. Add a little Dielectric grease to the plug for a perfect watertite connection! Heavier gauge wire used as well for better current to the lamps in both the left and right modules. Marked left and right for correct install. Plug into OEM system or our new system!

apv. 1503-15B Models: 170/175 Rear Lighting Wiring System NEW!

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