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Here's a wiring kit that kicks ass for all series of D17 Tractors! A complete new HD system with high amp Ignition switch as well as an upgraded 10 "SI" Delco internal regulated Alternator for the charging chores. Complete with Voltmeter, a super nice kit to upgrade any D17! Get rid of that old junk! Plug in a new B&B wiring system!! As with our other wiring systems, one gauge heavier wire used throughout the system to rid the system of voltage drop to components. Our high amp Ignition switch gets rid of any circuit stacking at the rear of the switch for a safer system. 4 IGN terminals & 4 ACC terminals aids in wire organization at the rear of the dash as well.  New system plugs right in the back of our new switch!

aow.1503-08C 12V Model D17 ALL Series Tractors Wiring System kit w/Heavy Duty Ig

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