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As with our other kits, the late D14 and D15 12V Tractors aren't left out, and are included with all major updates as well. This kit comes with our 10 "SI" series Delco internal regulated Alternator, and includes our HD high amp Ignition switch too! A nice replacement wiring system for the late 12V D14 & D15 Gas Tractors. One gauge heavier wire throughout the system rids the system of voltage drop to components. Our high amp Ignition switch is already wired to the system and ready to install! Voltmeter replaces the Ammeter for safety and more accurate charging rates with an Alternator up front.  Don't guess. Go with the best! B&B Custom Circuits wiring systems!!


NOTE:  Our optional Alternator Bracket Kit is available for this kit also. Our P/N- 1515-03. Mounts the Alternator to your D14/15.

aor.1503-07C 12V Models: D14 & D15 Wiring System Kit w/Heavy Duty 50 Amp Ignitio

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