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This kit is our optional 12V conversion kit for the D10/12 Tractors which includes our HD high amp 7 blade key crank start ignition switch. This kit comes with all the same compoents the other D10/12 kits come with along with but includes our high amp ignition switch plugged into the new wiring system. A color coded wiring nomenclature comes with this wiring kit as well. Install a real ignition switch and replace that old 4 blade Ignition switch! The worst thing to do in the Automotive electrical field is to pile more than one circuit onto a switch that can not handle the load! This is called "Stacking". A higher amp Ignition switch is needed to take care of the loads better. Enter our 50 amp 7 blade switch! No more wiring problems or smoke from under the dash. Don't guess. Go with the best!  B&B Custom Circuits!!


1503-06C 12V Models: D10 & D12 Wiring System kit w/Heavy Duty 50 Amp Ignition Sw

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