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Finally, a kit that is designed specifically for the Models C & CA Tractors. Because of the high steering drag link that runs down past the Generator area, large frame Alternators do not fit well at all when moving to a 12V conversion application. Enter B&B with our new system which our customer's are lovin' big time! We took the pint size Denso Alternator and based our kit around this unit. This pint size Alternator fits nicely in the tight steering area and gives plenty of adjusting room for the belt as the belt stretches from service.  Another little problem we took care of is the wide belt pulley. This kit also comes with our CNC machined wide belt pulley machined for the small shaft Denso. As with all of our other 12V conversion kits, this kit comes with all new switches, Voltmeter, special 12V Coil, wiring, color coded CAD wiring diagram with wiring instructions. One gauge heavier wire used throughout the system used with a three wire charging system, rids the system of voltage drop to the components keeping the Battery "full" as well. Our optional Alternator bracket kit takes care of mounting the Alternator with full adjustment capibilities if you do not want to fab your own bracket. Our Alternator bracket kit is P/N 1515-03. A super nice kit for the C & CA Tractors. The only thing that doesn't come in this kit is Ambition!  Don't guess. Go with the best! B&B Custom Circuits wiring systems!!

aoh.1503-05A 12V Models: C & CA Wiring System kit w/ Denso pint size Alternator

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