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When it comes to a hard working and reliable Tractor the usual choice for Allis-Chalmers enthusiasts is the model WD or WD45 series Tractors. When we designed this wiring system, we designed it in the same fashion as all of our other systems. Tough and reliable! That's why our AC customer's first choice is our 12V Conversion Wiring System kit. This kit comes complete with all heavy duty wiring, 12V coil, Voltmeter to replace the Ammeter for safety and accurate charging rates with an Alternator up front doing the charging chores, Headlight and Tailight wiring, (or work lamp) new switches, along with hardware packets, wiring instructions, and our 10 "SI" Delco Alternator for the charging chores.  We build it specifically for YOUR Tractor whether it's Mag fired or fired with a Distributor. One of the many reasons why this kit is the choice of our customer's. One gauge heavier wire coupled with our 3 wire charging system,  rids the system of voltage drop to components and keeps the Battery "full". At the end of the day, when the ole WD series Tractors come in after a flawless day of work, our wiring system was right there keeping it in check, and ready for the next day.  Don't guess. Our customer's go with the best!  B&B Custom Circuits wiring systems!! 


NOTE: Our optional Alternator Frame Rail Mounting Bracket Kit P/N 1515-04 is available for those who do not want to fabricate their own bracket setup.  Also available is our optional high amp Ignition switch which our system plugs right into. When ordered with the kit, the switch is mated to the system!  Sweet!!

aoe.1503-04B 12V Models WD & WD45 Wiring System Kit with "SI" series Alternator-

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