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Finally, a complete 12V conversion kit made specifically for the model G Tractor which covers ALL components! This kit comes with our brand new OSGR (offset special gear reduction) Starter motor made specifically for the Continental N62 engine. Our new pint size Denso Alternator for the charging chores, along with our special CNC machined wide belt pulley that fits nicely on the small 15mm mainshaft Denso. All wiring, Voltmeter to replace the Ammeter for safety and accurate charging rates, new switches, special 12V Coil, special B&B Alternator mounting bracket kit, color coded CAD wiring diagram that matches the wiring colors, along with wiring instructions. This is a complete "bad ass" wiring kit! You need a 12V Battery, Battery cables (optional) and a little ambition. The only kit of it's kind on the market. Only from B&B!  A+ in reliability and longevity! Get your little model G on 12 the right way and stop foolin' with it and getting aggrivated trying to get it started to put it to work! 6V is out. 12V is in!


NOTE: We offer optional cables for this kit if interested. We build our own cables right in our shop. The Battery we suggest to use is a Deka 526RMF or equiv. Fits nicely into the Model G's Battery box with room to spare, and plenty of cranking amps. 

1503-02B Complete 12V Kit For The Model G Tractor

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