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Have a Model B or IB Tractor that you're thinking about flipping to 12 volt? Then this is the kit to do the deed! Because there were over 100K Model B's made between the years 1937-1957, this is our #1 12V conversion kit that we sell. The Model B is a small Tractor, but works perfect for small farms and earns its keep doing small chores. Our 12V conversion system is the ticket for your B or Industrial B model.  Whether your B is Mag fired or Distributor fired, we build the system completely for YOUR Tractor.  Every system is custom built to the customer's Tractor. Our Delco 10"SI" Alternator takes care of the charging chores up front. With our 3 wire design, all components on board get full power including the Battery. No voltage drop throughout the system! Voltmeter replaces the Ammeter for safety and accurate charging rates. All new switches, new special 12V Coil, wiring for Headlights and Tailight (if equipped) or work light. New hardware packets to make your connections new. A super nice kit for the B & IB Tractors. Complete color coded CAD wiring diagrem with wiring instructions. All circuitry numbered. We'll turn you into a "wiring guru" in a weekend! Don't guess. Get the best!


Model B,IB,C & CA instrument box shown for display with our 12V system installed. A nice example of a clean wiring setup. Not included with this kit. We do offer nice used instrument boxes on the website if you need one.


NOTE: Our optional Alternator Mounting Bracket Kit is available if you don't want to fabricate your own bracket. All the engineering is done, you just bolt it on and line it up!


We can convert your 6V Starter to 12V for a smooth transition to the flywheel. It is not advisable to run 12 volts through a 6V Starter motor. This makes the Starter violent! Cracked nose cones, bent drives, & damaged flywheel ring gears are the result! Talk to us about converting your Starter to 12 volt! If you're going to do the conversion, do it right!

1503-01B 12V Conversion Wiring System- Models: B,IB, w/Alternator

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