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Our 12V Conversion Kit designed for the B, and IB Tractors is just what the wiring Doctor ordered! This kit is designed for customer's that already have an Alternator and want to add a new wiring system and components to the Tractor. This kit is designed for the popular Delco 10 "SI" Alt and is used in this application set up as a 3 wire system.  Kit comes with new switches, Voltmeter to replace the Ammeter, for safety and accurate charging rates, all wiring and new hardware packets to make all connections new, puts this kit far above anything out there on the market! Period! This system is built for either Magneto or Distributor fired systems. When ordering, email or call us with what your Tractor is equipped with. Everyone of our 12V wiring systems are built specifically for YOUR Tractor and the accessories it has on board! Color coded and numbered wiring system makes it a nice simple install. If you ever have any questions on installing our systems we're a phone call away! Wiring instructions & color coded CAD wiring diagram included in this kit match to the color wire. It's sorta' like "color by number". We turn our customer's into "wiring gurus" in a weekend! Don't guess. Get the best! Go with B&B!


NOTE: Our optional Alternator mounting bracket kit is available for those who do not want to fabricate their own bracket to mount the Alternator.  Our Kit P/N is 1515-03. This 12V conversion kit is one of our most popular kits! It's #1!

1503-01A 12V Conversion System- Models: B, & IB Tractors Less Alternator

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