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The same kit as the standard WD/WD45 kit except designed to be used with the upgraded Voltage Regulator. Eliminates the charging side of the 3 position Headlight/Charging switch, eliminates the cutout relay, and puts a Voltage Regulator to monitor the charging system.  VR wiring included for Generator mounted VR. Use the Headlight/Charging switch for Headlights only. Field circuit gets removed from the Generator to the 3 position switch. A nice upgrade for the 6V system!


NOTE: We can supply a new VR for your wiring system as an option. We just need the Generator number and we'll mate the correct Voltage Regulator to your Generator!

1502-05C 6V WD/WD45 TRACTORS- equipped Mag or Distributor w/VR Generator Mtd'

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