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For those who own the B,IB, C or CA model Tractor and are upgrading to a key crank start and getting rid of the old unreliable rod and mechanical switch setup, here is a kit that we designed that's slicker than Goose poop!  Our Starter relay kit which can be mounted in the toolbox on these model Tractors. What better way than to hide the relay and get it out of the elements than to mount it in the toolbox!  Genius!  Kit equipped with Battery cables, key crank switch all wiring, & mounting hardware. All you need is ambition!


NOTE: Part of this kit can be ordered when ordering a 12V conversion system for these model Tractors.  Email or Call us for details.

1501-08G Relay Kit- Starter Relay Kit Tool Box Mtd'. Models: B,IB,C, & CA

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