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One of the best switches that can be purchased for safety for any vehicle is a Battery shut off switch. Let's face it, if your Antique Car, Hotrod, Truck, or Tractor sits through the Winter months or your Tractor is used for special tasks on the farm and it sits for quite sometime before it's put to work, the best thing you can do is have a switch that shuts the Battery OFF!  Yeah, you can remove the Battery cable, but after a while the lead terminal wears out and so does the Battery post along with Mother Nature playing havoc with both. Don't take any chances! Install a Battery shut off switch to cut power to the vehicle.  Safety first! USA made. 

175 constant amp rated.  6-36VDC  Copper lugs & nuts. Bulkhead or Panel mounted.

1501-06A Switch, Battery Shut Off w/Lever Style Handle 6V or 12V

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