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This is our high amp rated 11 blade key crank Ignition switch that we use in our "D" series 12V conversion systems as an option, or as a replacement switch for the overloaded "D" series 4 blade switch. The worst thing in the world you can do is overload an Ignition switch, and that's just what AC did on their "D" series Tractors. Running 8-9 circuits and piggy backing those circuits on a 4 bladed Ignition switch is definitely asking for trouble! And that's just what they got! Trouble! Melted wires, high resistance, and big time heat were the factors in the problems the early "D" series Tractors had. This switch replaces all of those issues with 11 blades available for wiring your Tractor safely!  Throw that 4 terminal Ignition switch in the garbage and upgrade to this 50 amp Ignition switch and say goodbye to wiring problems! 4 IGN blades  4 ACC blades  1 CRANK blade, 1 GRD blade, 1 BAT blade. Rear plug and terminal kit available seperately. See kit 1501-12 for matching plug and terminals.

1501-05F Switch- Ign. key type/11 Blade Design Key Crank Start Upgrade

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