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Our custom built Diesel Pump drive Generator is a work of art. This particular Gennie is pretty expensive to rebuild properly. All internal components along with new long shaft pump drive Armature insures a good connection between the pump and the mainshaft!  Exchange unit or we can custom build your unit. Same price. $100. core charge refundable on exchange units. Other Delco part numbers this particular Generator replaces is Delco # 1100332 and Delco #1100327.  

This unit is available with optional mated Voltage Regulator wired to the Generator, set up on our machine, and ready to install!  Call or email us. B&B Quality Rebuilds for longevity and reliability! Show Tractor quality & detail!!

1514-02 Delco Remy 12V 1100345/1100440 Pump Drive Generator D17D, D19D, WD45D

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