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Monday- Friday 10am-6pm EST

Saturday 10am-4pm EST

Closed Sundays & Holidays


Custom Wiring Available For Custom Cars, Trucks, Antiques And Street Rods.

B&B Custom Circuits Service Truck

1929 Model A Ford Closed Cab

Pickup Power: 4.3L V6 w/2004R OD Transmission

Electrical Parts Available

* Custom Power Panels
* Custom Accessory Panels
* Electrical Terminals
* Electrical Connectors
* Aux. Power Outlets
* Battery Terminals
* Wire & Cable
* Bulbs & Sockets 6V & 12V
* Fuses Of All Types
* Diodes & Resistors
* Automotive Plugs
* Fuse Holders & Inline Parts
* Terminal Blocks Large/Small
* Buss Bars Large/Small
* Braided Grounding Straps
* Automotive Relays
* Relay Terminals/Plugs
* Power Relay Panels
* Power Distribution Modules
* GM/Delphi Plugs/Terminals
* All Types Of Switches
* Power Accessory Panels
* Pilot & ID Lamps
* Voltage Reg/Rectifier Plugs
* Alternator Plugs/Pigtails
* Junction Blocks
* Power Strips/Terminals
* Cable Protective Covers
* Terminal Protective Covers
* Special Made Pigtails
* GM Ignition Terminals
* Custom Spark Plug Sets
* Spark Plug Terminals
* High Energy Parts/Terminals
* Electronic Ignition Kits
* Work & Safety Lamps
* Headlamp & Tail Lamp Parts
* Interior Lighting/Lamps
* Lamp Contacts/Small Parts
* Custom Built Pigtails
* Aftermarket Gauges
* Gauge Electrical Parts
* Battery Tenders 6V & 12V
* Circuit Breakers/Strips
* Dielectric Grease
* Bosch Terminals/Connectors
* Hella Terminals/Connectors
* Grounding Strips/Bars
* Mega Fuses, Holders, Parts
* Molex Pin Style Connectors
* Delphi 56 & 59 Connectors
* Plastic Convoluted Tubing
* Cotton Woven Fiber Loom
* Clear Plastic Wire Tubing
* Under Carpet Wire Channel
* Wire Harness Holders
* Wire Ties Large/Small
* Wire Circuit ID Tags

 Welcome to B&B Custom Circuits! Your Allis-Chalmers Headquarters!


B & B Custom Circuits strives to give you, our Tractor customer's, a top quality product! We are the only company that supplies our AC Tractor customer's with a quality wiring system in "kit" form. Here's a little on our Tractor wiring systems & kits:

* Polyethelene cross-linked Marine Wire

* Superior Moisture Resistance & Longevity

* Weathertite Shrink Tube Crimp Connectors

* All New Labeled Brass Hardware Packets

* Step by Step Wiring Instructions For Easy Installs * Color Coded CAD Wiring Diagram For Guidance

* Cotton Woven Tar/Fiberloom For The OEM Look * Some Circuitry Needs To Be Finished For Fit

* A Nice Clean & Perfect Fit To Your Tractor * Systems Available In 6 Volt or 12 Volt Conversions

* New Headlight & Ignition Switches along with Voltmeter supplied with 12V Conversion Systems

* 12V Conversion Systems Available With or Without Delco "SI" Series Alternator

Call us today for a Custom Circuits wiring system for your Allis-Chalmers Tractor!


Garden Tractor Wiring Systems Too!

Stock & Custom Built!


Not only do we build our custom wiring systems for the big Tractors, we also take care of the little Tractors too! The Allis-Chalmers/ Simplicity line of lawn and garden Tractors list is pretty long with all the different models that were available for the home owner. As time goes on, we'll be offering wiring systems for different model AC & Simplicity models. As good original systems come in to use as patterns, little by little we'll start covering these different model Tractors. We already offer custom built systems for the B series garden Tractors, (shown at the left) as well as the 700 series, and the ever popular growing 616-720 monster garden Tractors. Check out the different garden Tractor categories for systems, cables, switches, and various components that we offer!

Above: JoAnna with a restored stock B110 and her modified "Hotrod" B110.

Custom systems built to the customer's specs for pulling Garden Tractors to!

Hotroddin' Garden Tractors!


Allis-Chalmers 716H Under Construction

This ole' 716H is undergoing a resto with a few modifications. Wow! That's an understatement! A Kohler Command 23HP twin is shoe-horned into this puppy. (below) Might need a little hood modification. Watch in our "Current Projects" section for updates. Old modified Garden Tractors are definitely COOL!! LOL!


My wife Jo Jo flyin' around on her "hotrod" B110 giving it a little workout. Been trying to get her to pull the finish mower behind her and mow the lawn when she's out, but she says it slows her down too much. Maybe its better she doesn't. I'd have to plant a new lawn! Sheesh!.....

Powered by a bored and stroked Briggs & Stratton 10HP engine.

Stop By And See Us!



Attending a "Gathering of the Orange" show? Don't forget to stop in and see us and say Howdy! We try to attend at least one of the two "GOTO" shows a year. We enjoy seeing our customer's and talking Tractors, or about wiring, or electrical stuff! If you have a question, fire away! We'll try to help you out with whatever electrical, Carburetor, Magneto, Distributor or charging questions you may have! We're here to serve our AC Tractor customer's! Sometimes its a family affair going on behind the tables at the Gathering of the Orange shows!

Left to right- Brother Jim, Sister Diane, and owner Steve Barbato at the Indiana GOTO 2015. Watch for us at upcoming future GOTO shows! Stop by and say "Howdy"!!

Not Only Tr​actors.....


We not only do Tractors, but we also do Antique Car, Truck, Streetrod and Special Interest vehicle wiring also. If you have the original wiring harness, or a section that you need to have replaced, we can build you either a new harness or section using your original as a pattern. In most cases, we can match the exact color coding of the OEM wiring you have along with the correct terminal ends and connector ends! Give us a call and let us know what you need. Automotive wiring done in our shop by appointment also! Whatever you may need...

Don't have an Allis-Chalmers Tractor? Not a problem! We do offer some wiring system kits for a few of the IH Farmall model Tractors. Again, if we don't have a kit for your particular Tractor, if your original harness is complete as rag-tag as it may be, we can use that as a pattern and build you a brand new wiring system! In most cases, a lot of the circuitry is upgraded from OEM. Give us a call!

JoAnna with her restored 1955 Thunderbird. First year T-Birds were equipped with 6 volt systems. Of course, it has a brand new B&B 12V conversion wiring system installed now along with electric wipers (instead of vacuum) and nice stereo. Originally a California car. She's a sweetheart! (And the car ain't bad either!)

Nephew Tom Cece's
1967 Chevy Nova Wagon

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