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One of our most popular electronic ignition kits we sell has to be this particular one for 12V Negative Ground systems. For those switching their Tractors over to an Alternator from a Generator and updating the Tractor to 12V, here's the kit you want! We sell a boat load of these kits and half the time can't keep em' on the shelf. No more points and condenser to change. History! Bring your Tractor up a notch and go E.I. with B&B!


B&B TECH TIP: Whenever switching over to an electronic ignition, always change out the spark plug wires to resistor or carbon core wires. Solid core wires can spike the E.I. module and blow it out. Pertronix always recommends carbon core wires with their E.I. kits. We build our own spark plug wire sets for all AC model Tractors. Check out the 1505 Category on the website for your model Tractor!

bue.1510-03C Electronic Ignition upgrade conversion for Tractors w/12V Negative

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