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This kit was designed with the "D" series Tractors in mind, (D15-D19) although this kit will work on other model Tractors equipped with the "DN" series Delco Alternator using an external regulator with it. This kit retires the old "DN" series Altenator, the VR wiring and Voltage Regulator itself. Our reman "SI" series Delco Alternator with built in regulator bolts right back where the old Alternator sat. A new Voltmeter replaces the Ammeter for safe and accurate charging rates. Our wiring upgrades the charging side of the system from the key switch to the Starter Solenoid. Upgrading to this kit rids you of the Gremblins on the charging side of the system!  Installing our 3 wire retrofit kit will be a big upgrade on the charging side of the system!. No low voltage to the components on board, better running engine, and a "full" Battery all the time. The Voltmeter will keep track on what's going on throughout the system.  This system works with the existing OEM harness. Again, this kit only renews & upgrades the charging side of the system.


NOTE: Our HD optional high amp key switch is available also to replace the tired out OEM key switch.  Complete kit with wiring nomenclature. 

1503-02A Charging System Upgrade Kit For "D" Series Tractors

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