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bdt.1506-02B12 Positive Battery Cable to Starter Motor Models: B,IB,C,& CA (34" in length) 12 Volt Conversion Systems


For the 12 volt conversion systems, we decided to keep the same size 1 gauge Marine cable as we use for the 6 volt systems. As you know, 4 gauge cable is the norm for 12V applications, but being this cable is long as it travels down under the tool box to the Starter motor, using the 1 gauge size cable give maximum power to the Starter motor on 12 volts!  Constructed the same as our 6 volt version with cotton woven tar/fiberloom to protect the Marine outer jacket. Solid copper terminal on the Starter side, along with heavy duty Battery terminal on the other end.

Note:  For IB applications, let us know where the Battery is located on your IB. Because of the different implements offered on the IB, Battery box locations differ. We will build your cable for your application. Length of coarse would determine price.

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