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bdk.1506-03D Manifold Heater Cable- to solenoid 4 gauge cable WD45 Diesel Battery Cables OEM 12V Systems


This kt gives you a new Manifold Heater cable for the WD45 Diesel Tractor. Because this cable runs through a protective tube mounted on the side of the engine, the straight copper lug is left off of one end of the cable in order for our cable assy to slide into the one end of the tube and out the other end without a problem. The HD copper lug provided gets installed by the installer once the cable is through the tube. The cable is then cut back approx. 1/2", the new strink tube slides down the cable first, then the copper lug is installed. Comes with 3/8"-24 fine threaded nut and shakeproof washer. 

B&B TECH TIP:  Procedure for installing our Copper lug

To install our Copper lug correctly, clamp the eyelet end of the lug in a vise. Drop our Solder pellet into the lug, heat with a Bernzamatic torch (or equivelent) to melt the Solder pellet. Once the pellet is melted, gently install the cable into the eyelet while the Solder is melted. Once installed, allow to cool. Slide the shirink tubing forward over the joint and hit with a heat gun. You now how a nice solid insulated connection like the opposite end of the cable that we install.

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