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atd.1504-05D B&B Quick Disconnect Module for "SI" series Alternator Repair Circuitry For ALL Models w/12 Volt Systems


This is our Quick Disconnect Module designed for the Delco "SI" series internal regulated Alternators. This wiring module has a quick diconnect on it in order to unplug it from the main wiring harness if work up front such as renewing the Water Pump or other work. that needs to done. No messing around with tiny nuts to get lost. This is standard on all of our 12V wiring conversions. Comes with the wiring module, protective rubber output boot, and female 2 way connector to mate with our 2 way male connector that is already installed on the module. The Grey output wire on the output stud is a fuse link to protect the Alternator should a short or backfeed from the system head back to the Alternator. This fuse link will sever protecting the Alternator. Always use at least a 10 guage wire for your output circuit to your Voltmeter

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