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aic.1502-01C 6V MODELS B, IB,C,CA equipped w/Mag or Distributor w/Generator mount Volt Regulator


This wiring system is designed for either Mag or Distributor. Please let us know which Ignition system your Tractor is equipped with when you order. It also is designed for those customer's upgrading to a Voltage Regulator system in lieu of the OEM Cutout Relay. This system gives you the extra wiring needed to wire in the Generator mounted Voltage Regulator. This system eliminates the charging circuit for the 3 position Headlight/Charging switch. Only the fused Headlight side of the switch will be used in conjunction with the VR. A nice upgrade for the 6V system!

B&B Tech Tip:  Always make sure the OEM Headlight/Charging switch FIELD circuit is removed from your system before installing your new Voltage Regulator and its circuitry!

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