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aia.1502-01A 6V MODELS B, IB, C, equipped with Magneto ignition and Lights w/starter rod


This wiring system is designed for the B, IB, & C model Tractors using a Magneto to fire off the engine, along with a Starter motor system to crank the engine over. This system also has the wiring for Headlights and Tailight if so equipped, so even if your Tractor isn't equipped with lights at the present time, they can always be added later because the circuity is there. Complete kit wires the whole tractor front to back. Comes with step by step instructions, color coded and numbered wiring and color coded CAD wiring diagram. ALL wiring systems are custom built to YOUR Tractor.

Note: Because the IB wiring system is a little shorter, when ordering, please let us know its for the IB model Tractor.

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