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afm.1501-08G Relay Kit- Starter Relay Kit mounts in tool box on Models: B,C,CA 12V Conversions


Want to change your B, IB, C, or CA over to key crank start? Here's the kit that gets the ball rollin'. This Starter Relay kit comes with a nice HD relay, mounting panel and mounting hardware to mount into the toolbox on these model Tractors. Hides the relay, and also keeps it out of the elements. Mounts to the inside of the toolbox right across from the flip-up door. Custom made Battery cables as well as a HD key crank Ignition switch (shown in picture), also available as an option, or design your own setup! Eliminates the Starter mounted switch & rod. Keep a nice clean look on the outside with this slick relay kit!

Note: If you order a new wiring system from us and include this kit with your order, we'll set up your wiring system so you can plug right in and go. Give us a call today!

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