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aev.1501-07G Resistor- 3.0 Ohm replacement for Delco Remy OEM Headlight/Charging switch


This is a brand new 3.0 Ohm flat resistor that mounts to the bottom side of the OEM Delco 3 position Headlight/Charging switch. These deteriorate from age and eventually get brittle and break. We now use these on ALL of our rebuild Headlight/Charging swithes.

B&B TECH TIP:  Why do I need this resistor?  When the 3 postiion Headlight/Charging switch is all the way in its first position, current from the Generator runs through this resistor to cut down on amperage going into the 6 volt Battery. Depending on where the third brush is positioned in the Generator, normally approx. 3 amps enter's the Battery during normal running or working time. This keeps the Generator from overcharging the Battery.

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